Ponoko.com File Creation Service

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Ponoko.com File Creation Service

Making the World's Easiest Making System Even Easier!
Have a great idea but need some extra help getting it through Ponokos system? I regularly set up and optimize files for their online laser cutting service; offering advice on materials and when possible lessening the amount of prototyping you need to do. I'm also happy to handle the entire making process from start to finish!

Often people find companies online that can provide you time on their laser cutters but they sometimes unable to provide design or file creation assistance. I can provide both and help bridge the technology gap for those people that have limited time to learn several different design programs to upload the required files for laser cutting.

Raster to Vector Conversion. Ponoko's laser cutters require that files be uploaded in a vector format. People will submit to me anything from photoshop mock ups to scanned pieces of paper; I can do the necessary setup work to make sure your project is ready to be cut.

File Optimization: Every file I set up for online manufacturing sites like Ponoko.com get plenty of attention in the cost savings department. The less time your file takes to be made the less it's going to cost you! This is accomplished in several ways including nesting parts together to reduce material costs and sharing cutlines to reduce cutting fees.

Designing for the Materials: You have to set up your designs differently depending on what you plan to cut them out of, wood is much more forgiving than plastics like acrylic when it comes to fitting pieces together. Additionally they all have tolerances we have to keep in mind to be successful. I have experience building files for a variety of woods and plastics and will take previous results into account when working on a clients design. The end result is less prototyping and happier customers.